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Meet The Team:
Raymond Brown - Managing Director Avatar

Name: Raymond Brown
Position: Managing Director

Raymond is the Managing Director of More Click Marketing. Before setting off to start his own company he worked in the web development team for a major travel company. His expertise here was Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation.

To further his experience in the field, Raymond went on to become the manager for web services with a large logistics/communications firm.

Liam Friel - Website Developer

Name: Liam Friel
Position: Website Developer

Liam is a different kind of web developer, inventive, hard working and always looking to crank out some code. He studied in Multimedia Technologies for 4 years; he realised the web was the way forward and buckled down & learned PHP. Now well versed in XHTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and JavaScript/Jquery his arsenal is bigger than ever to deliver the kind of product you need.

With over 3 years in the More Click Marketing work environment, he understands the workflow and lifecycle of a website.

Iain Stuart - Website Designer

Name: Iain Stuart
Position: Website Designer

Before moving into the web industry he trained as a product designer for three years then as a teacher of Design and Technology. His experience in large design teams shows in his work and his capabilities.

His hobbies include painting, writing, wearing hats, doodles and comics on all media. He has three art projects running at the moment and several other experiments. He has no spare time.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to receiving happy customers.

Why We Do What We Do:

More Click Marketing aim to ensure clever, efficient design of our products and services by keeping you, our client, in the loop as often as you would like. We can run the whole project with little information from you however, we find it best to work closely with you to deliver our best. Widen our demographic to include offline media but stay focused towards online media. Broaden the market perception of our brand by using social media to our advantage.

This will ensure our customers are joyed with the websites and services we deliver and that our staff enjoy their working environment.

How we do this:

More Click Marketing has a small team of in-house designers that will work with you from the beginning of your design to the end. Donít let the team size fool you. Each of our designers has brought with them a wide range of skills and practices that means they are the best for the job.

We take a modern, professional approach to our design process. We utilise the best industry standard design tools and software to make our workflow as efficient as possible.

Our Design Team work their best to provide you with exactly what you want; if you are unsure then we will guide you to what will benefit your companyís web presence.

We offer just one website design package. One is enough.

Committment to Customer Satisfaction:

At More Click Marketing, our design process works like this:

When we receive your request we will either call or email you to get a few more details.

Once we know exactly what you're after the design and development teams discuss your project and project timelines. We do this to identify tasks and project milestones (the points where we seek your approval) before the actual work begins.

Then we add our secret sauce and hey presto! (with your approval of course) Your website is complete and readty to use. Our support team will be in touch if you require any assistance in getting your email services off the ground and other support needs.

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More Click Marketing provided a really professional service and I was kept up to date with the progress of my design.

J&S Painters

Fast service. I was using my website in two weeks and a week after that I received my first order for work. Websites look very clean, fresh and professional. I recommend MoreClick Marketing to everyone.

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