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Web Design Basics Part 3: Using Sketches to Influence the Design Process

The length of today’s post belies the importance of sketching and roughing ideas out on paper.

More people prefer using technology to make their design process efficient. Not wanting to be left outside the bandstand when the main act is on, I recently bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet to streamline my process, to cut out the pencil and paper stage, but I have found it has the opposite effect.

Pencil and paper still do play a large part of a designers thinking their way around a problem and here we will pay homage to these, the tools of our trade. Maybe I am too ambitious but we’ll start of by looking at why sketching is important and finish with my tips for getting started.

Rapid Prototyping

Sketching = good for 2 (½) dimensional prototypes.

Designing for a client means they will often seek your work for approval. Sketches effectively inform your client of your intentions and they often feel they can be more honest about what they want because it isn’t obvious you have gone to any great effort with your ideas.


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